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Far beyond the graveyard of museum art,
multi-media artist Piet Jan Blauw combines primitive and essential values
with new, advanced technology. Doing so, the former silver-smith not only evokes a
contemporary basic instinct, he also holds up a mirror to himself and to
his audience. With the assistance of paper mergiant Proost en Brand, he exhibits
holographic prints that largely exceed A4 size. Moved and movable: it's
Blauw all over, also in case of his kinetic objects and handmade
electronic instruments. A piece of art should live. The viewer who is
being absorbed by the inviting and terrifying look of the aborigin
woman, can manipulate the colours with his own movements, which can
result in breath-taking confrontations.
Blauw cherishes the deep soul of nature, as if an old and wise
indigenous Maya is operating the handles of a space shuttle with
virtuosity. He not necessarily adheres to religions or nostalgia, but is
aware of the impact of simple human rituals that give sense to life
before death.
343.tif02 / 2002 print on silver canvas, 150x150 cm
computer graphics
033.tif02 / 2002 print on silver canvas, 150x150 cm
04-2.tif02 / 2002 print on silver canvas, 125x125 cm
128.tif02 / 2002 print on silver canvas, 125x125 cm
nacimiento del sol / 2000 print on morror foil, 80x80 cm