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cd bluezone 1 / 2002
organic sounds, advanced technology The electronic musical instruments Blauw build all by himself are as communicative as the rest of his work. He changes and elaborates functions and design of the instruments without forgetting what they were initially made for. During performing and recording, Blauw uses these newborn musical objects to give shape to his ritualistic soundscape-symphonies.
produced, composed, recorded and performed by Piet Jan Blauw - mixed by René van Commenée and Piet Jan Blauw . small gasholder and waterbottle played by Fellé Vega - African voices by Monica Lyimo, Hugge Dagne, Miriam Laarif and Ann Wanjiku - text by Rick Treffers - design by Luuk de Haan - photographs by Piet Jan Blauw.
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