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with Ron Rettich 2008

Two Dutch dinosaurs of art have now turned into vital mosquitos. Piet Jan Blauw and Ron Rettich offer an exciting type of tribal dance-fusion that is partly based on live improvisation. It sounds deep, fresh, borderless and has soul and joy.
Ron Rettich produces incredibly crazy, spacy solos on electric and distorted violin and scats with his voice in a way mosquitos have never even dreamt of.
Very naturally, Rettich's notes melt into Piet Jan Blauw's midi-controlled beats and sometimes prehispanic soundscapes, that he often spices up with electronic hand percussion. In the seventies, Rettich started his career as a musicomedian, Blauw as a magician. But soon they became global acrobats who worked all over the world with their music and ideas. Blauw and Rettich now join their livelong experience and their passion for groovy music. A typical example of 1+1=3.

Rick Treffers

"To Far East"