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Indio Blanco (aka Piet Jan Blauw)
1 - Ignio                    (featering Jorge Reyes)
2 - Abismo
3 - Feathered flute    ( flutes Kailash Kokopelli)
4 - Barrio
5 - Flute wings         ( flutes Kailash Kokopelli)
6 - Davorka
"el Caraco y la Luna" released by Frente Bolivarista
For our delight, Indio Blanco presents to us a 6-track EP named "El Caracol y La Luna" that travels by distinct sonorities and moments of his career, highlighting the diversity on references that passed by the artist's fruition during the last decades. Indio Blanco is the new alias given to the multimedia project created by the Dutch pioneer and multifaceted artist Piet Jan Blauw. 
For the past five decades, he's been involved in several incredible projects with talents such as the Mexican pre-hispanic masterminds Jorge Reyes, Cheko Mosqueira and Alyosha Barreiro. In the Netherlands, he built partnerships with notorious deejays like DJ Isis and DJ Dimitri Kneppers and collaborations with avant-garde talents from around the globe. 

Since the early 70s, Piet Jan Blauw started crafting and performing with interactive kinetic installations which became the foundation of his performances. These installations were quite substantial therefore the artist started to craft smaller sensorial sculptures and use them as instruments. He uses this signature technique until nowadays. 
Piet Jan started his career by combining and developing distinct techniques through his painting with water, oil-paint, etchings, silkscreens, jewelry ( silver, acrylic and rubber ), brass sculptures, and kinetic objects. He was a member of the artist union "BBK 69" (1970-1989). Also, Piet Jan lectured at the Folk High School in Bergen, the N.S. training school for teachers in Haarlem and the International Make-Up Art School in Cologne – Germany.