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Badplaas, is the new home of the most dynamic family friendly festival, and 4-day event in South Africa – an international festival of music, arts and consciousness.

Featuring over 30 performances by musicians from many countries; and more than 20 international scholars, researchers and teachers who will gather in Badplaas, at the sacred hot springs, to share their knowledge in many different subjects with those who hunger for a deeper insight into some of the greatest mysteries of our world and beyond.

From forbidden archaeology, Pyramids around the world and Vanished cilvilisations; Sound and resonance (Cymatics); The sacred white lions; Industrial Military Complex; Biomimicry; Hopi prophecy; UFO’s and Aliens, to the deep science of Quantum physics, Genetics, and the True nature of our reality.

The audience will be treated to 4 days of lectures, workshops, sound healing, yoga, Qi gong, pottery, basket weaving, drumming, sweat lodges, and so much more.

This is a family friendly event and participants can also enjoy all the fun activities like, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, tennis, golf, and more at the Forever Resort in Badplaas.

UBUNTU FEST is described as a celebration of mind, body, spirit – music, arts and consciousness. Designed to elevate the collective consciousness of humanity and lay the foundation for a better world of prosperity and abundance for all.

Anyone with special skills and talents is invited to come share their skills at this unique event – just submit your talents on the UBUNTU FESTIVAL website.

For full details and line-up of events and bookings see the website:

Contact: Office phone: 013 257 0479

are performing in South Africa at the UBUNTU Festival


in the new venue , the Mbombela Sports Complex & Stadium - in the city of Mbombela (previously Nelspruit) the gateway to the Kruger Park.

Piet Jan Blauw and Cheko Mosqueira
Alyosha Barreiro + PietJan Blauw México 2018 Tour